The Vietvan’s traditional street food menu is served on a Vietnamese baguette known as a banh mi.

Examples of our mouth-watering fillings include:

  • Slow cooked lemongrass star anise beef
  • Spicy pulled pork
  • Sweet kaffir chicken
  • Lemongrass and ginger tofu

Complemented with:

Shredded carrot and mooli, sliced cucumber and coriander

Optional extras:

Fresh chilli, fried shallots, Sriracha sauce and a squeeze of lime

Substitute the baguette with one of our refreshing ‘salads of the day’.

With a choice of  a filling and condiments, our viet style salads vary depending on the season.



Introducing our  grill menu available at private parties  catering events and selected markets!

Cooked to order and served with our regular condiments and extras, choose from:

  • Caramelised chicken
  • Lemongrass pork skewers
  • Pepper and chilli tofu

Leave the catering of your event in our trusted hands.

We work closely with each of our clients to develop a bespoke menu specific to their needs. This is not restricted to our street food menu and includes a broad range of Vietnamese dishes suitable for every meal occasion.


  • Canapés
  • Bowl foods
  • Office lunch deliveries
  • All day event catering
  • Corporate and private parties
  • Pop up markets

All ingredients are locally sourced. Allergy friendly recipes on request and always gluten-free alternatives available.

“You can’t beat the quality of the food or the service, all with a smile. I wish the Vietvan was parked outside my house, I would be there all the time. I have recommended to everyone I know and will to others I haven’t met yet”

Ken Graydon, music management